Thursday, December 24, 2009


Spent last night wrapping Christmas presents for hours.  Chance has some sort of wrapping disability so he's useless.  It takes him 20 minutes to wrap one present.  I can't stand to watch it - I have no patience for that.  His wrapping education was seriously lacking as a child.  At least there is something that I'm better at than he is.  He beats me at everything - well except gift wrap and styling Emma's hair.  I can totally smoke him there.  I guess that's something to hold onto.
So, today I mentioned to him that he really owes me a massage as my back is sore from wrapping everything.  His response:

"We've got Vicodin.  Why don't you just take that?  It's like a massage from the inside."

Thursday, December 3, 2009

26 and Human

Emma:  "Ella (her doll) is still going potty in her underwear!"
Mom:  "She's not potty trained yet? How old is she?"
Emma:  "Hmmm...I think she's five ... No, she's actually 26."
Mom:  "Wow!  26!  She's getting old."
Emma:  "Well, she's not too old.  She's not like a grandmother.  She's a human, not a grandmother."

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Deep Space Noah

Noah:  "Do you know who the oldest planet is?"
Mom:  "No.  Do you?"
Noah:  "It's Mars.  Mars is the oldest planet."
Mom:  "Wow!  Very cool."

Noah:  "Yeah.  Planets don't have birthdays though.  And neither do aliens."