Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Tea Party

Happy 4th Birthday Emma!

This morning Emma hosted her very first "tea" party. She invited all her favorite friends to come dressed as princesses (and one prince) to celebrate. Brunch was served with orange and apple tea (juice); princess games were played (Kiss the Frog Prince & Princess Manners) and each guest took home their very own delicate China tea cup and saucer. Emma and I spent hours combing thrift stores for authentic China pieces for mere pennies! I think we almost had more fun preparing for the party than at the actual party.

When Emma decided on her birthday party theme, her brothers mocked the idea. With disgust and disdain, they both declared no desire to ever go to a "girly" party like that. So the tea party was held this morning while the boys were at school/preschool. I prepared the table last night and when they woke up for breakfast, the boys immediately protested the fairness of going to school and missing out on such a cool party.

Aidan was the lone boy today, but he came dressed as a prince and appeared to have a good time. While I was cleaning up the brunch and preparing for cake, the girls were upstairs playing. My house was so strangely quiet! We had nine little royals in our home, but girls play so differently than boys. They don't have to run and scream and wrestle each other. They don't make disgusting noises or act like dogs. The boys have never had a party like that - heck, the boys haven't had an afternoon like that - EVER. It was so pleasant. I like girls.

"Each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage." ~Catherine Douzel

Monday, May 4, 2009

Wishing Flowers

At the baseball field earlier today:

Emma: "I wish ... I wish ... that Mommy wasn't mad."

Noah: "I wish ... that lions weren't real."

Friday, May 1, 2009

Classic Preschool

A conversation between Noah and his buddy Ryan this week:

Ryan: Noah, you want to come over to my house tomorrow?
Noah: Uh....what country do you live in?
Ryan: Um ... November 17th.