Monday, September 3, 2012

Funny Bits

Funny little bits from the last couple of months ....

Michaelynn:  "I might need See's (Candies) today."
Chance:  "OK.  Do they sell those at Fry's (Electronics)?"
Michaelynn:  "Um....not usually."

At the furniture store looking at new beds....
Noah: "Most of the stuff here is for ladies." *grimaces*

"He's not Dracula. He's called 'Lord Vampire' and you have to say that in a fancy voice."
~Noah, discussing the new Monster Legos

Tyler:  "Mom, I need barbarians for my ripstick."
Mom:  "Barbarians?"
Tyler:  "Yeah, Lorilei's grandpa told me that's what I need for my wheels."
Mom:  "Could you possibly mean ball bearings?"
Tyler:  "Oh, yeah.  Maybe that's what they're called."

Noah:  "Mom, Emma licked my DS."
Me:  "That's just gross."

Emma:  "It was just a little lick."

Took the kids to the circus for the first time today.
Emma: "Mommy! It's just like the TV show America's Got Talent!"  

Kinda sad when AGT trumps Ringling Bros.

Michaelynn:  "The school was crazy insane this morning.  Had two police cars directing traffic....The policemen were directing traffic, not their cars."
Chance:  "Yes, I got that."

Noah: "Can we watch E.T. tomorrow?"

Emma: "What's E.T.?"
Noah: "You know, that alien that eats Reese's Pieces?"

Went to the Supermall with Emma and she begged to go on the merry-go-round. I told her it wouldn't be fair because the boys weren't with us. Her reply:  
"I won't tell them! I'll just write about it in my journal."

Chance:  "Did Tyler make it out (to school) OK?"
Michaelynn:  "You didn't stay? .... Well, he's either at school, ran away from home or in a serial killer's lair."
Chance:  "Yes, it's one of those three."

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