Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Haunting

Here's a recap of Halloween 2012....

Could the leaves be more beautiful?  Seriously.

Queen of the Snow Fairies

Snake Eyes (G.I.Joe)

A Roman Gladiator

A our cute little owl (who we discovered wasn't the least bit interested in Halloween)

Above is the best shot of all four together. 

I loved Ty's costume.  We made fun of him all night for wearing a dress. 

Emma pondering how many pieces of candy she was going to eat...

Then there was a battle...

And a Victor!

This year marked Tyler's first time alone with his friends to trick-or-treat the neighborhood sans parents.  And then spent the next hour trying to get away from his younger brother chasing after him. 

Mia was the first to head inside.  She wanted nothing to do with Trick-or-Treating.

Noah filled his bucket and was the first of the older ones to call it a night. Followed closely by Tyler who was more interested in passing out candy.

After a brief stop at home, Emma had to go back outside to catch the last few houses she missed.  She danced and pranced about the streets and would have gone all night if she could have.  It was her "best day ever."

Happy Halloween!

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