Monday, December 3, 2012

It Wouldn't Be Christmas If...

....the lights on the tree worked perfectly. 

Last year, Chance bought a 9 ft. lighted tree on super-mega-clearance after Christmas.  He got a steal of a deal (less than $99) and was very proud of himself for being so frugal and all.  This year, I came home from Black Friday shopping with my sister to find that he had already put the tree together and was ready to decorate.  A few days later, this happened:

It's not too noticeable, right?  Not like the lights are off right in the middle or anything like that.  We actually had a strand on the top go out as well, but he was able to fix that was some special Christmas light tool that he had to buy at Lowes.  When he attempted to fix the middle lights, the whole strand shorted out and now all the lights are blackish inside.  Which I think means not good. 

Poor Chance.  He's currently running around town trying to find a strand to match the rest perfectly.  He's on attempt #2.  Crossing my fingers...

PS - Emma doesn't care about the middle lights being out.  She is so angry that we haven't decorated the tree yet.  This morning she told me that even though not all the lights work, that it is STILL a Christmas Tree and it should be decorated.  She wanted to compromise by decorating only the areas where the lights ARE working.  I discovered tonight that she and Noah had stealthily decorated when I wasn't around.  I'll have to share more about that later. 

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